Radio Non Sequitur III

September 24, 2004
Radio Non Sequitur #3
The Green Foliage Of Fall Fundraising Edition
Co-hosted by Valerie and Rod Richardson

10:00 AM – Valerie Richardson [microphone break]
Rickie Lee Jones Running From Mercy Traffic From Paradise Geffen
Ben Charest Cabaret Hoover The Triplets of Belleville Higher Octave
Lila Downs La Bamba Una Sangre Narada
Biyouna Tu Es Ma Vie Arabesque Tlata 3 React Music
Firey Furnaces Birdie Brain Blueberry Boat Rough Trade/Sanctuary
DJ Wally/Gertrude Stein [via DJ Spooky] Zeta Reticulli/If I Told Him, A Complete Portrait of Picasso Rhythm Science Sub Rosa
10:26 AM – Valerie and Rod Richardson [microphone break]
Björk Mouth's Cradle Medúlla Elektra
Bang On A Can Acoustic Aphasia Lost Objects Teldec
Amadou Et Mariam Mon Amour, Ma Cherie Sou Ni Tilé Polygram
Abdel Halim Hafez Masghol Arabian Greats MidEast
Joe Strummer Bhindi Bhagee Global A Go Go Epitaph
Black Star Liner Hoobam Hoobam Bombay Beats Water Music
11:00 AM – Valerie and Rod Richardson [microphone break]
Melissa Ferrick The Other Side The Other Side Right On
Hakim (featuring Cleopatra) Walk Like An Egyptian Desert Roses 3 Mondo Melodia
Ojos de Brujo Buleria del Ay Bari La Fabrica De Colores/Satélite K
Fairuz Oudak Rannan Fairuz Sings Ziad Rahbani EMI
Brian Dewan The Human Heart Operating Theatre Instinct
Brian Dewan The Record Tells The Story Bar/None
11:33 AM to 12:50 PM – Valerie and Rod Richardson with Harry Minot as Tally [microphone break – WPKN On-Air Fundraising]
Sixty 9 Lives Dubya's Gotta Go Dubya's Gotta Go Yuron Yurone
Harry Minot WPKN Long Island Benefit Concert Promo
1:00 PM – Valerie and Rod Richardson [microphone break]

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